What are Electric Drive Systems?

Electric drive systems are the heart of electrified vehicles, transforming electrical energy to drive the wheels on the road

Electric drive systems are essential to the performance of electrified vehicles, and performance is essential for electric drive in vehicles to overtake the mass market.  Data confirms that consumers continually demand more performance from vehicles - year over year, in every market segment, and for every vehicle type.  Thus, to support mass commercialization, the reality of the market demands that electric drive systems must meet or exceed the performance of combustion engines.  This is why everything that we do at Clean Wave is focused on increasing the performance and driving down the cost of these key electric powertrain components.

As a result, Clean Wave has developed the new frontier of electric drive system technology to achieve these goals and support the mass commercialization of electric drive in vehicles.  We offer a range of electric drive system products for all types of electric and hybrid electric vehicles that are the highest performance and most cost-effective on the market today.

Our PowerFlow™ Electric Drive Systems include an advanced electric traction motor and matched power electronic Drive Control Unit (DCU), comprising a variable frequency AC inverter drive with integrated digital and analog electronics, proprietary adaptive machine controls, embedded system controls, and CAN communication interface.