What We Do

Clean Wave Technologies develops and manufactures advanced electric drive systems for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.  Clean Wave combines patented and proprietary technology in electric motors, power electronics, and software controls, along with world-class design and state-of-the-art manufacturing, to produce drive systems that are significantly higher performance, but at the same time more cost-effective, than any other competing systems in the world.

Transportation electrification is projected to grow into a multi-trillion dollar industry over the next 10 years.  With our focus on increasing the performance and driving down the cost of these key electric powertrain components, Clean Wave is well positioned to expand rapidly with the market.

Values & Vision

Renewable, sustainable, clean energy solutions are key to our future.

Clean energy can simultaneously support the environment, enable energy independence, and provide economic benefits.

Developing clean technology in vehicle drive systems is an important element in forwarding the clean energy cause.

Electric and hybrid electric vehicles can not only match, but exceed, the performance of standard internal combustion engine vehicles.

Cost-effective, reliable, manufacturable, high-performance electric drive systems are a key enabler to making cleaner powered vehicles preferred to those fueled by petroleum alone.

Our Mission

As clean energy advocates, Clean Wave is supporting and advancing the market for electric and hybrid electric vehicles by developing, manufacturing, and marketing the highest performance, highest quality, and most cost-effective electric drive systems in the world.