Vehicle Segment Case Studies- Commercial Vehicle


  • Founded in 2012 by former Tesla Motors, White House, & US Department of Defense Executives Evaos stands for electric vehicle add-on system. The firm selected Clean Wave Technologies drive system as part of their unique and proprietary method of adding electric-hybrid capabilities to most gasoline or diesel pickup trucks. The technology is scalable to Class 7 vehicles, with the Class 1-3 range representing the likely market sweet spot.
  • Evaos adds a compact Clean Wave Technologies liquid-cooled AC induction motor – currently 225 kilowatts/300-horsepower with plans to go larger – and a 27-kilowatt lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack built with off-the-shelf prismatic cells.

  • 225 kW/300hp with 27kW LiFePO4
  • Hybrid mode offers 50% fuel reduction or 317ft lbs of increased towing power
  • “Smart Grid Ready” and has bi-directional charging capability selling power back to the grid.


PowerFlow™ M20A2-1X1 Electric Drive System