Vehicle Segment Case Studies- High Performance Cars

  • In searching for the best electric drive system, XING Mobility selected Clean Wave Technologies. Xing develops technologies for electric vehicles through racing. XING Mobility’s core mission is to provide race-derived advanced engineering and technology to the world’s smart mobility ecosystem.
  • ​“MISS R” is the world’s first electric supercar with on-track and off road capabilities. Combining style, speed, comfort and control, our first ultra-limited production road car features 4x electric motors producing 1 Megawatt of power (1,341hp*). MISS R is a showcase of technology developed in-house by XING Mobility including state-of-the-art battery cooling, gearbox and suspension systems.
  • XING Mobility’s “Miss E” is the first electric prototype race car designed, engineered, and made in Taiwan. Miss E features a 350kw electric motor and is powered by XING Mobility’s own patent pending LiquidCooled Modular Battery Pack technology. She is a mobile laboratory for advanced vehicle technology breakthroughs that will help shape the future of mobility

PowerFlow™ M20A2-1X1 Electric Drive System